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ioWhey Protein

ioWhey Protein

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  • Banana Nutello
  • Banana Nutello / 28 Servings
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Forget all those other whey proteins on the market — this one is ingredient-optimized, which means 36% better absorption, less bloating and 46% less stomach discomfort. Because game-changing workouts deserve game-changing recovery.

For ultimate results we made ioWhey Protein part of the Performix Training Stack, check here!

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Easy Absorption. The Best Value.

  • ioWHEY PROTEIN™ is 36% more bioavailable, meaning your body absorbs the same amount of protein from 22g of ioWhey as it does from 30g of other whey protein isolates.

Max Physical Results

  • When compared to those other whey proteins, ioWHEY™ consistently delivers better results, with a better recovery rating, less stomach discomfort, and heavier weight per rep (squats and bench press) vs. standard whey protein control groups.

Absolutely Delicious Taste

  • A menu of amazing, unique flavors means you’ll never get bored of this post-workout or afternoon treat. No acidic taste here.