Say goodbye to the struggle of dealing with messy powders before hitting the gym. Our SUPERCHARGED line is the solution that combines convenience and effectiveness across the entire spectrum of your workout routine.


Benefits & Features

Increase power, strength, and endurance from caffeine, Oceanix™, and Alpha GPC.

Immediate and long-lasting energy and focus from Teacrine® and Dynamine™ are paired together for increased energy and focus, without the jitters you can get from caffeine alone. 

Blue Raspberry Flavor Coated Capsules to enhance your senses.

benefits & features

Increase muscle pump and enhance lean muscle by proven pump enhancing ingredients, Betaine, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester, and Nitrosigine®.

Faster ingredient absorption by Liquid Fusion Technology to maximize your pump.

Redberry flavor coated capsules to enhance your senses.

Benefits & Features

Mitigate muscle damage, reduce muscle soreness, and recover faster by OCEANIX™, and CARNIPURE® L-Carnitine.

Powerful antioxidant support by CherryPURE™ that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that may reduce muscle soreness. 

Reduce exercise induced inflammation from NovaSol® curcumin.

Orange Citrus flavor coated capsules to enhance your senses.

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Product Highlights

Liquid Fusion Technology

Inside each pill, Liquid Fusion Technology delivers a precise and powerful blend of ingredients directly to your body. With each pill enjoy immediate benefits, faster ingredient absorption, and maximum bioavailability.

Branded Ingredients

Enjoy premium branded ingredients at key clinical doses to get the most out of your workout.

Efficacious Formulas

Efficacious formulas for a high-performing preworkout, max pump, and muscle recovery.

Vegetarian flavor-coated capsules

Enhance your sensory experience.


Supercharged items are a quick, easy, and convenient way to maximize your workout without the mess and inconvenience of mixing powders. For best results, stack all 3 together.

Manufactured in an FDA registered facility

Our products are proudly manufactured in an FDA registered facility, exemplifying our commitment to quality, safety, and compliance with the highest industry standards.

Made in the USA

"Made in the USA" signifies our commitment to quality, safety, and ethical manufacturing practices.