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Amenities & Services

Recovery Services

Laundry and Lockers

Make yourself at home and let our concierge team take care of all the rest

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists don’t just make you feel good – they are manual therapists who help you assess the underlying pain points and immediately address them through massage, cupping therapy, and dry needling. They report back to your trainer and/or physical therapist to ensure a well-rounded approach and make recommendations as needed.

Physical Therapy


Fuel: diet, nutrition + supplementation

On-the-go drinks and snacks With an in-house nutritionist available for consultation + planning, and complimentary Performix products and supplements available at every House visit, you are fueled for whatever comes your way.

Group Fitness Classes

Incorporating technology, supplementation, motivation and a killer high intensity interval workout, ELEMENT is the highest fat burning class in NYC.

In light of COVID-19 and its effects, group fitness is currently not available.