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LIAM S.Verified Buyer
Combination box
Absolutely fantastic! The belts are so comfortable and unlike any I’ve ever worn. The fit is amazing and the leather quality looks and feels brilliant! I must admit I was skeptical about how well they’d hold together being interchangeable buckles but I’ve not had a single issue at all! The customer service was fantastic as well! Not long after my purchase, I received a thank you gift voucher which brought me back to purchase an extra strap! I will absolutely be coming back to Anson Belt for any belt purchases!
JOEY P.Verified Buyer
Out of all the belts I've used in my life. This belt has been the most comfortable and best fitting belt I've ever purchased. The quality is for sure there.
IGOR M.Verified Buyer
Just pure awesome
These belts are absolute perfection. The leather, the construction, the buckles and the general looks punches well above it's weight. I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially anyone that has to wear a belt daily.

How-To: Landmine Standing Rotation

Core training is something I value in my personal routine as well as everyone’s I work with. The basis behind a strong core is being able to resist extension and rotation. This core anti-rotation move is great for developing core stability. The Landmine Standing Rotation emphasizes moving your arms through their full range of motion and keeping your core tight and torso stable so that only your arms move.



With the collar of the landmine barbell in both hands, stand shoulder-width apart. Move the barbell in an arc, similar to a rainbow shape. You should brace through your core and tighten your abs so that your torso does not rotate with your arms. Do not rotate at the hips or shoulders, make sure to keep your body stationary. Stand tall throughout this movement with your shoulders bent slightly.


This is a great addition to your core routine so you can conquer your workout.