What Is A CLA?

CLA Defined

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid and it is a type of omega-6 fatty acid. You can find it naturally in dairy products and meats like cows, goats and sheep, but the amount of CLA in these foods will depend on what the animals ate. Grass-fed animals have much higher levels of CLA than grain fed. And yes, CLA is a trans-fat, but not all trans-fats are created equal, specifically those derived from healthy foods.  CLA can in fact aid in metabolic health and even lower risk of certain diseases.

CLA and Fat Loss

Ingesting fat to lose fat seems like an oxy-moron, but CLA is indeed a fat that helps you lose fat in the body. How does it do it? Firstly, CLA works on certain receptors to inhibit fat storage and fat cell production. Secondly, CLA can provide an additional energy boost, thus increasing workout effectiveness and overall calorie burn.  Lastly, CLA has also been reported to assist in satiety, thus decreasing caloric consumption on the whole. 

CLA Supplements

As previously mentioned, you can find CLA in grass-fed and finished animal and dairy products. As well, CLA can be taken as a supplement.  Our ABCUTS CLA gummies are ideal for taking pre-workouts to maximize energy output and fat burning efficiency.  As an added bonus they’re delicious and easy to grab any time you need a crash-free energy boost.  Our ABCUTS CLA and Collagen capsules offer another way to get your CLA benefits alongside collagen which promotes radiant skin, hair and nails.  In sum, CLA is an effective supplement to help you maintain optimal metabolic health, burn fat and feel energized to unleash better both inside and outside the gym.