Unlocking the Power of Dynamine, TeaCrine, and Caffeine in Performix SST V3X

Did you know that the ingredient blend of Dynamine, TeaCrine, and caffeine found in Performix SST V3X are backed up (and supported) by an incredible gaming clinical study?  

Our partners at Compound Solutions put the combination of TeaCrine, Dynamine, and caffeine to the test by studying gamers in a focus group setting that assessed participants on their: 

️-Reaction time
-️Visual motor processing speed.
-Cognitive flexibility
-Ability to do inhibitory controls

Check out the first part of our series below to learn more and stay tuned for part two dropping soon to learn more about the efficacy of TeaCrine, Dynamine, and caffeine. 

Interested in trying SST V3X for yourself? Check out performixdriven.com or visit your local GNC store to pick up a bottle today.