Thermogenic 101

The history of thermogenic supplements dates back to World War 1. They were first introduced in France and when consumed in the military it was found to help people lose weight and also elevate body temperature. The first thermogenic has halted production but since the 1950’s there has been a demand for ways to manage weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The premise to increase your body temperature to increase fat burning capabilities is still the core function of a thermogenic. 

What is a thermogenic?

A thermogenic is a calorie-burning supplement. The primary ingredients are typically caffeine either natural caffeine or synthetic ingredient. Thermogenics are often combined with additional supplements to heat up the body while maintaining energy and supplement goals. 

What does a thermogenic fat burner mean?

A thermogenic fat burner simply means a supplement taken to burn fat. The primary outcome of taking a thermogenic is fat burning so thermogenic is typically synonymous with fat burning. Thermogenics heat up the body and increase energy levels in order to burn more fat. 

What does a thermogenic do?

A thermogenic will boost energy, increase fat burning and reduce appetite. It is suggested to take only with a managed diet and exercise plan. 

How long does a thermogenic stay in your system?

Since caffeine is the primary ingredient in a thermogenic for most bodies it will stay in your system for 4-6 hours. 

Do thermogenic supplements make you sweat?

Yes, for most people thermogenic will increase your body temperature to create sweat. 

What are the best thermogenic foods?

Black or red peppers are the best examples of thermogenic foods.

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