Performix SST Nominated as "Best Thermogenic" in The Vitamin Shoppe's Battle of the Brands

We are absolutely thrilled that our Performix SST (Suspension Super Thermogenic) liquid capsules were recognized as one of the six nominees in the “Best Thermogenic” category for The Vitamin Shoppe's Battle of the Brands.

Performix has always been about bringing innovation, creativity, and disruption to the health and wellness industry. We first introduced the technology behind Performix SST in 2015 and to this day, we’re the only energy products on the market to utilize it. SST is a long-standing crowd favorite, with rave reviews and ratings of 4.5 out of 5 and above from our customers. What’s great about Performix SST is that it's not just for the gym, you can also power your busy workdays and benefit from its mind and body benefits.

"This product kicked my energy up. I take one capsule in the morning instead of coffee and it fuels me until nighttime. It also helps maintain my weight with a healthy diet. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s plateaued with their diet and exercise routine” shared Performix customer Gigi A. after her purchase.

We’re excited to continue bringing our passion for better and more effective energy products to the market and have some new and incredible products in the works with plans to launch in Spring 2021.

Find out more about Performix SST and give it a try for yourself by clicking the link here