Let’s Talk About TeaCrine®

What is TeaCrine®?

Originally isolated from the Kucha tea leaf, TeaCrine® is an extremely versatile synthetic compound scientifically proven to boost mood, alertness, focus and enhance physical and mental performance. TeaCrine® is a nature-identical, chemically equivalent bioactive version of Theacrine. 

You’re probably thinking, “okay, but what is Theacrine?” Theacrine is a purine alkaloid found in certain coffee, fruits , and tea that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuro-locomotor properties.  In simpler terms, Theacrine is a compound that can reduce inflammation and pain and assist in movement and exercise. 

For most people, the effects of Theacrine and TeaCrine® on the body are the same. 

Why TeaCrine®?

We include TeaCrine® in our products because it is high performing and provides sustainable energy. Whether taken alone or combined with caffeine, TeaCrine® reduces fatigue, supports healthy inflammatory response, provides antioxidant benefits and boosts mood and alertness. It’s important to note that on its own, TeaCrine® is in fact not a stimulant, but still has the ability to enhance attentiveness without any jitters or crashes. When it is combined with caffeine (which we often do in our products), TeaCrine® enhances the half-life of caffeine, providing even greater effects on mood and focus. 

Overall, we believe that TeaCrine® is the right ingredient at the right time.  Taken alone or with caffeine, TeaCrine® can give you that fire focus to crush your workout and  manage your daily hustle. 

You can find TeaCrine in: SST Original FormulaSST V2X, and SST V3X