How-To: Turkish Get-Up

Today I’m breaking down exactly how to do the Turkish Get-Up. This is one of my go-to moves. It’s great for working on core strength and coordination. Let’s crush it.

1: Lie down with the kettlebell next to your right shoulder.
2: Curl into a fetal position.  
3: Take the kettlebell with both hands and grasp it to your chest.

4: While grasping the kettlebell tight to your chest, roll back flat onto the floor.
5: Position your left leg at a 45 degree angle and your right leg bent with your foot flat on the floor, slightly above where your knee was before bending.
6: Hand down, match your left arm to the same 45 degree angle as your left leg.
7: Press the kettlebell up, aligning straight above the elbow. Have your palm facing the direction of your feet. At this point, it is very important to pack your shoulder by pulling your arm in tight to the shoulder joint and holding it there. From this point forward, until the kettlebell is lowered, you must keep your wrist and elbow straight.

8: In one smooth movement and never taking your eyes off the bell, use your right foot to push onto your left, punch the kettlebell upward, and shift your weight onto your left forearm by pressing into your left elbow to lift your torso. Pull your left shoulder back to keep it packed. Make sure to keep your left leg straight and your left heel pressing into the floor.
9: Come to a T position by rising onto your left hand and turn your fingers to a 45 degree angle away from your body, pressing away from the floor on your left hand, lifting your forearm, and locking your elbow.
10: Do not allow your right shoulder to come forward and keep it packed. This can be accomplished by turning your bicep outward as far as possible.

11: Sweep your leg by rising off the floor as you lift your left leg and bring underneath you, landing your left knee where you had been sitting. Your right foot, left knee, and left hand should form an invisible triangle.
12: While still looking at the kettlebell, come to a half kneeling position by sending your butt to your ankle and straightening the torso.
13: Align your right and left legs by keeping your left knee on the floor and swiping the lower half of that leg.
14: Keeping your elbow locked and wrist aligned straight, come to a standing position.
15: Reverse
Start off with a light kettlebell to make sure you make the form right. Once you've mastered it, this comprehensive move is a great addition to any workout.