How-To: Ring Dips

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, some of you may have rings on your mind. This fundamental ring exercise will develop your triceps and shoulder flexibility. 

STEP 1:  Mount the rings and get yourself in the support position. This position develops core strength. To get into this position, you will want to grip the rings and hoist yourself up so that your feet are above the ground and your body weight is being supported by your arms.

Keep your arms straight, do not rest against the straps for support. Make sure you have this position mastered before moving on to the next step. 

STEP 2: To lower yourself down, bend at the elbows and keep your shoulders close to your sides. For full range of motion, try to continue downward until your shoulders are almost touching your hands.

This movement should be controlled. To target your triceps, make sure your position is straight. 

STEP 3: Return to the support position. 

PRO TIP: If you are just starting out with the rings and need more support, place a bench under the rings.  

This exercise is great for shoulder integrity, upper body muscle mass, and overall strength. However, if not controlled, benefits become consequences to joints and tissue with longer recovery times. It is recommended that you practice on a stable bar before moving to the rings, slowly and steadily.