Confidently Fit

I stand in front of a crowd of about 30 people, some stoked and some in need of a push, and they’re all looking for me to pump them up. HIIT isn’t for everyone; motivation is key. It’s on me to get them mentally prepped for this workout, and I step up armed with confidence.

I grew up surrounded by the influence of theater. My grandmother owns a theater company, and my parents are involved with directing and choreography. I became involved in theater in sixth grade but ultimately realized I did not want to pursue theater professionally. In fact, I even turned down an offer from an Off Broadway show to focus on what was truly giving me a sense of purpose: fitness.



As a natural athlete, I enjoyed learning about the body and how it works. I spent the end of my senior year of high school shadowing both personal trainers and physical therapists. I loved the one-on-one aspect of both professions.  If you arm a client with confidence, they can achieve the seemingly unattainable. Imagine meeting someone who is told they could never walk on their own again, and supporting them on their journey to walking independently. It’s empowering as hell.

Through my experience in college as an exercise science major, I realized that science was not where my passion was deeply rooted.  I fell in love with simply helping people. As a personal trainer throughout college, I was intrigued by the opportunity to support my clients in creating powerful mind-body connections, which led me to pursue a degree in counseling and human services. Personal training allowed me to implement the psychological aspect of counseling, and the physical aspect of training.



Being a personal trainer has opened doors for me to change the lives of people across the country. Through the opportunities presented to me at Performix House, I’ve been privileged to speak at events across the country discussing mental and physical wellness.

Society has unrealistic expectations of what 22 year olds should have figured out. At the age of 26, I have no idea what 30 looks like. I go to bed every night with a completely open mind to what tomorrow brings, and the opportunity in that is invigorating. We are supposed to be messing up, moving on to the next thing, messing up better, and learning! How else can we grow?



Through the platform afforded to me as a Performix House trainer, I get to set an example. 25 is so young! It’s a time in life that can and should be dedicated to exploration, trial, learning, and listening.  Take time to explore your passions. At this day and age, with the miracle of “the internet”, there is no reason we shouldn’t like what we do to make a living. We should be empowered by technology. If you don’t want to work a nine-to-five, you can make a conscious choice not to do so. Through iPhones, Instagram, the ability to instantaneously be connected to anyone, we can quite literally do anything. There are no more excuses. Simply (not the same as easily) step out of fear, and into a life that you want to live.  It’s a choice, and nothing is strong enough to stop you.