Benefits of Strength Training to Burn Fat for Hours

What is strength training?

Strength or resistance training is a form of exercise designed to increase strength and endurance. While mostly associated with lifting heavy weights, it can also include body weight exercises. A common conception around strength training is that it is just about lifting weights and building muscles. And, to an extent it is. Strength training does indeed help you do just that–build strength and often in turn increase the size of your muscles. Many people however (typically women) often shy away from strength training in fear of getting too bulky. However, those of us who have spent some time in the gym know that getting bulky takes targeted work.  

Furthermore, as more and more studies are showing, the benefits of strength training go far beyond lifting heavy things and creating a certain aesthetic. The research is showing a significant link between strength training and fat burning. 

How strength training burns fat

Resistance training may burn less calories than a high intensity cardio workout done in the same 30-minute period, but with strength training, you benefit from what is known as, “after-burn”.  After burn refers to the process whereby as your muscles grow, they burn more calories at rest.  As well, your muscle mass plays a contributing role in your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories burned while your body is at rest), so the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest, even up to 72 hours post strength session

Additionally, a recent study has shown that weight training can actually shrink fat cells.  The study is complex and involves a lot of heavy science jargon, but the basic finding is that resistance training results in cellular “crosstalk” wherein the cells of the muscles being worked “talk” to fat cells and initiate fat burning. 

Taking the burn to the next level 

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