Always On: Meet Performix’s High Performers and 24/7ers

As a leader in active nutrition, Performix has been changing the way people think about energy by developing best in class, high performing supplements powered by SST (a first of its kind, multi-phase timed-release thermogenic.) 

SST wasn’t created for those with a 9 to 5, it was built for those with a 24/7. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, extreme adventurer, healthy beginner, a busy mom, startup entrepreneur, everything all at once or anything in between, the Performix community has a place for you. 

It's simple: you're always on and you need your supplements to be, too. At Performix, we pride ourselves on fueling all different 24/7 lifestyles. 

Meet our High Performers and 24/7ers 

Jeremy Park (@jpark_fit)

Content creator, athlete and thrill seeker Jeremy Park powers his active lifestyle with Performix on the daily. Whether he’s creating content for his 1.9M followers on TikTok, tearing up a local skatepark or surfing in Hawaii, Park’s fast paced lifestyle needed products to power him through, and Performix delivered. 

Christine Johnson (@christineonlex)

When busy mom of two Christine Johnson needed more energy throughout her day, she turned to Performix. Whether she’s running after her two young kids, working on renovating their family’s dream home, teaching her students during a pandemic, or chatting serial killers on her podcast, Christine knows she can count on SST to keep her on track. 

Jeremiah Maestre (@jeremiah.maestre)

If you looked up the word “vibe” in the dictionary, you’ll most likely find a photo of Jeremiah Maestre beside it. Whether he’s waking up before the sun to teach his JTV live boxing classes for his clients on the East Coast or on dad-duty taking care of his young son (and mini-me), Jeremiah relies on Performix to help him show up at 100%, every single day. 

Meg Takacs (@meg_takacs)

Running and strength coach Meg Takacs is always on the move and her lifestyle demands top-tier supplements. Meg relies on Performix to power her long runs, coaching sessions with clients and running her business. In addition to all of that, she also finds time to share helpful tips and tricks for better running on her Instagram to her 33.6K followers. 

Jordan Wisely (@jordan_wiseley)

Jordan Wisely is the kind of guy who’s always doing a bit of everything - from acting (in hit shows like The Blacklist), designing his clothing line, or competing on MTV’s The Challenge, he's the kind of guy who seems to have more than 24 hours in his day. Jordan’s demanding schedule and endeavors pushed him to Performix, which he uses to fuel his days and power through his projects. 

Lisa Allen (@lisa_allen

Lisa Allen is no stranger to constantly being on the go. As a mom of four girls, an esthetician of 20 years and blogger, Lisa relies on SST energy to power through everything she’s got going on in life. Whether she’s spending time with her girls or creating content for her blog, Salty Lashes, Lisa is fueling her purpose with Performix. 

Arie Luyendyk Jr. (@ariejr

Arie Luyendyk is no stranger to living a fast-paced, high energy lifestyle. As a race car driver (fun fact: his dad is Arie Luyendyk - a Dutch race car driver and two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500), father of three and former star of The Bachelor, Arie knows that if he wants to win at life, he needs an energy boost to help him get there. Lucky for him, Performix has got him covered. 

Heather Purvis (@mindful__me)

Heather Purvis is on a journey of personal growth and mindfulness and Performix is keeping her focused mentally and physically. As a teacher balancing in person and remote learning, Heather knows she needs to keep her head in the game if she’s going to keep her kids on course. Pair a busy work schedule with frequently hitting the gym and she’s got a packed planner. With Performix SST’s focus enhancing benefits, Heather’s set up for success both in the classroom and at the gym.

So why do all these inspirational people rely on Performix? Because high performing people need high performing products. Whether you’re a workout warrior, or just getting started, Performix is here to inspire and fuel you. Ready to join the team? Sign up for our mailing list below and take 10% off your first order!