24/7 Culture Series: Social Media 101 with Michelle Boehm

With a tagline that reads “Performix wasn’t built for those with a 9 to 5, it was built for those with a 24/7”, it’s easy to see that Performix is a brand that’s all about fueling those with an active lifestyle. Performix as a company is all about fueling high performing people with our high performing products, and the team working behind the scenes on the brand is no different. 

Performix is powered by a team who loves what they do - from Operations, to Marketing, to Sales, and everywhere in between. The Performix Team gets it done, no matter what it takes, and our team is made up of incredible individuals who know their field inside and out. Each month, we’ll be highlighting a member of the team and dive into who they are, what they do, and what moves them. 

This week we’re kicking off our 24/7 Culture Series with Performix’s Social Media Specialist Michelle Boehm. 

Michelle Boehm


The “Warm Up” 

Explain it like we’re 8 - why do brands need to invest time and resources into building up their social media accounts? 

MB: In 2021, consumers tend to look at brands/companies' social media presence when deciding to make a purchase of any sort from them. A brand’s social media presence also allows that company to communicate, connect, and speak to its consumers like never before in history. When done well, a brand’s social media presence serves as a place where consumers can interact with that company, connect with others who also love the same company, and consume valuable content. 

Social media also expands your marketing reach, is cost-effective, and boosts brand awareness. 

Tell us a little about you - how long have you been in the social media space? What kind of accounts have you worked on prior to Performix?

MB: I have been working in marketing since 2015, but was recruited for a social media specific role in 2017. I have worked on a wide-range of social media accounts including social justice nonprofits, restaurants, real estate, fitness apps, start ups, and now, Performix. I also used to have my own health blog, which played a major role in helping me move into industries that aligned with me. 

What does a social media specialist “do”? Describe your day in a few sentences. 

MB: As a social media specialist, my day-to-day includes social media content planning, copywriting, influencer marketing, planning giveaways and brand collabs, customer service on social media, tracking analytics, social media growth, and managing the Performix affiliate program. I enjoy working in social media because it’s a great combination of using both your creative and analytical mind. 

What are some projects you are working on right now? 

MB: Currently I am working on further planning out the social media calendar, thinking of ways to grow the Performix social media channels and affiliate program, launching the Performix TikTok channel, and collabing with the team on influencer marketing campaigns. 

The “Work” 

What is the most stressful or hardest part about managing a brand’s social media presence? 

MB: The hardest part about managing a brand’s social media presence is figuring out what type of content your consumers and audience want to see. Between juggling content planning, copywriting, influencer marketing, customer service, and the affiliate program, it can be hard to remember that sometimes you just need to stop and analyze what type of content you should actually be working on/creating with the team. 

What are the most rewarding or exciting parts of building a brand’s online footprint? 

MB: The most exciting part for me is working with a team to launch new products like the Performix SST Energy Seltzers. We created a new Instagram page and independently branded it as SST Energy. It’s exciting to work on a new brand because the possibilities are endless and there is room for so much creativity. 

When it comes to content, how do you approach building Performix’s page on Instagram? 

MB: When I started with Performix I created a social media strategy that included “social media pillars,” with what type of content we would create. They were educational, engagement, product/launches, and influencers. I rotate content based around those pillars: what products we are launching, educating our audience on what our products are, engaging with the community, and featuring our partners and influencers. 

After using pillars for some time, it is always a good idea to switch it up so expect to see some different ones for Performix and SST Energy in the near future.

In a world dominated by algorithms, quick “growth” hacks and an ever-changing social landscape, how do you stay grounded and focused on the tasks at hand and what’s important to the brand?

MB: It’s important to remember that engagement is key. Growth hacks and content that doesn’t align with your brand and comes off as inauthentic to your audience, will only hurt your brand in the long run. 

But, not all growth hacks are negative. It’s important to always stay on top of the latest industry information because social media changes so quickly. Sometimes all it takes is to do some research to uncover the latest social media “hack” or feature. 

The “Cool Down” 

What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of “Performix”? 

MB: Energy, focus, metabolism.

Favorite thing about working at Performix? 

MB: The people. Since I started in the middle of the pandemic and I work from California, I started and currently work fully remote. The entire team does an awesome job at communicating, collaborating, recognizing work, and allowing you to own your position/role. 

What do you want people to know about Performix? 

MB: That we just came out with a new SST Energy Seltzer and it is honestly the best energy drink that I’ve had. 

This or That: Yoga session or scenic hike?  

MB: Hard choice but yoga session. Namaste. 


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