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Your day is long, but your workout is a non-negotiable part of it. With the limited time you have for the gym, you need to make your workout count.

PERFORMIX® SST will not only give you the energy and focus to crush your workout - but it is timed-release, meaning those benefits extend beyond the gym to ensure you power through whatever the day brings.

As a #1 selling product at GNC+, PERFORMIX® SST has proven its ability to power the lives of millions.

+Based on GNC POS 2017

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Over 120,000,000 servings sold*

*The SST product line has sales of over 120 million servings over the last 4 years.

Energy, Metabolism and Focus

PERFORMIX® SST increases energy, accelerates metabolism, and enhances focus while utilizing 4 Patented Ingredients and Timed Release TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ technology.


Capsimax® : Concentrated, highly-active natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers that has been shown to increase resting energy expenditure by about 100 calories a day.^

Teacrine® : Patent-pending compound that delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant.#

Sensoril® : Powerful adaptogen that helps to improve focus and reaction time, and helps to manage and reduce stress.

Bioperine® : Patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits that enhances the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients.


Timed Release TERRA Intelligent Dosing™: allows PERFORMIX® to extend the key benefits of SST over time.

SST energizes me and really helps me push through hard workouts.

– Mike Bell, Personal Trainer, NYC


How long do the effects of PERFORMIX® SST last?
will last is dependent on each individuals ability to metabolize the ingredients. In most cases, the effects of PERFORMIX® SST are expected to last between 4-6 hours.
How often can I take PERFORMIX® SST?
PERFORMIX® SST should only be taken once per day. Do not exceed one (1) serving per day.
Does PERFORMIX® SST have any production certifications?
PERFORMIX® SST is produced in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility that adheres to all guidelines set for Dietary Supplements by the FDA..
What is the suggested dose for PERFORMIX® SST?
To assess your tolerance, start with ½ serving (1 capsule) of PERFORMIX® SST and work up to one (1) serving (2 capsules).
When is the best time of day to take PERFORMIX® SST?
The best time of day to take PERFORMIX® SST is in the morning after breakfast.
Where is PERFORMIX® SST made?
PERFORMIX® SST is proudly made in the USA with carefully selected ingredients of international and domestic origin.

Our Story

Who is Performix?

PERFORMIX® was founded in 2014 and is a suite of premium fitness lifestyle products, content, and purposeful services built around the mindset that anchoring your life in fitness will lead to more success both personally and professionally.

In addition to PERFORMIX® nutritional supplements, the brand suite includes PERFORMIX House - and exclusive gym and content studio for those who live a performance-driven lifestyle - and FitOps (see below for more information).

When you buy
PERFORMIX® SST, you support FitOps, helping our veterans achieve greatness in fitness and in life.

FitOps is our 100% all-expenses-paid training and certification program for veterans who want to become elite personal trainers. The on-site program concludes with the certification of fitness industry professionals - who are experts in exercise and leadership - designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives [CVFO]. If you or someone you know may be a candidate for FitOps, please apply at FitOps.org.

"SST is an intense product focused on results.”

-Evan Betts, Personal Trainer, NYC

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