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Super Male H2

Super Male H2

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  • 30 Servings / 60 Capsules
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SUPER MALE H2 takes the best-selling formula of Super Male T and supercharges it with a proprietary tri-phase delivery system of Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads, Oil Matrix, and Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap.

SUPER MALE H2  delivers all-day Power, Performance, Testosterone Support, and Whole-Body Alkalinity.
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PERFORMIX® SUPER MALE H2 Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap supplements a best-in-class formula that is anchored by industry-renowned ingredients to provide Power, Performance, and a Testosterone Boost for your day.

 Power: LJ 100® (100mg per serving), derived from the herbal extract Tongkat Ali, is clinically proven to provide an increase in testosterone, designed to take your strength and power to the next level.

 Performance: PrimaVie® (125mg per serving), a proprietary extract of Shilajit, supports healthy male performance and function throughout the body by increasing total and free testosterone levels, collagen production, and muscle recovery.

 Testosterone Boost: Shoden® (120mg per serving) is a purified form of Ashwagandha extract that has been clinically shown to increase testosterone up to 14.7%. Combined with LJ 100® and PrimaVie®, it allows SUPER MALE H2 to supercharge your body’s total and free range testosterone and DHEA-S levels.


PERFORMIX® SST H2 utilizes a first-to-market, proprietary tri-phase delivery system of Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing™ Beads, Oil Matrix, and Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap.

 The Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap & Oil Matrix deliver active ingredients, oils, and other fat-soluble compounds right away, while the Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing™ Beads deliver ingredients over time. This tri-phase delivery system maximizes the benefits of SUPER MALE H2’s increased power, performance, testosterone, and whole-body alkalinity.


PERFORMIX® SUPER MALE H2 improves upon the best-in-class efficacy of the original SUPER MALE T by leveraging the power of Molecular Hydrogen.

 SUPER MALE H2’s Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap supports whole body alkalinity and generates molecular hydrogen, supporting two key benefits:

  • Mitochondrial Function Support
  • Cellular Energy Support

 SUPER MALE H2 helps supercharge your day by ensuring your Mitochondria are functioning at a high level, supporting ATP generation for energy at the cellular level.