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Super Male H2

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4.8 star rating 10 Reviews
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  • 30 Servings / 60 Capsules
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Super Male H2 takes the best-selling formula of Super Male T and supercharges it with a proprietary tri-phase delivery system of Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing™ Beads, Oil Matrix, and Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap, delivering all day Power, Performance, Testosterone support and whole-body Alkalinity.
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  • PERFORMIX® SUPER MALE H2 Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap supplements a best-in-class formula that is anchored by industry-renowned ingredients to provide Power, Performance, and a Testosterone Boost for your day.

  • Power: LJ 100® (100mg per serving), derived from the herbal extract Tongkat Ali, is clinically proven to provide an increase in testosterone, designed to take your strength and power to the next level.

  • Performance: PrimaVie® (125mg per serving), a proprietary extract of Shilajit, supports healthy male performance and function throughout the body by increasing total and free testosterone levels, collagen production, and muscle recovery.

  • Testosterone Boost: Shoden® (120mg per serving) is a purified form of Ashwagandha extract that has been clinically shown to increase testosterone up to 14.7%. Combined with LJ 100® and PrimaVie®, it allows SUPER MALE H2 to supercharge your body’s total and free range testosterone and DHEA-S levels.


  • PERFORMIX® SST H2 utilizes a first-to-market, proprietary tri-phase delivery system of Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing™ Beads, Oil Matrix, and Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap.

  • The Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap & Oil Matrix deliver active ingredients, oils, and other fat-soluble compounds right away, while the Timed-Release Terra Intelligent Dosing™ Beads deliver ingredients over time. This tri-phase delivery system maximizes the benefits of SUPER MALE H2’s increased power, performance, testosterone, and whole-body alkalinity.


  • PERFORMIX® SUPER MALE H2 improves upon the best-in-class efficacy of the original SUPER MALE T by leveraging the power of Molecular Hydrogen.

  • SUPER MALE H2’s Molecular Hydrogen Mini Cap supports whole body alkalinity and generates molecular hydrogen, supporting two key benefits:

  • Mitochondrial Function Support

  • Cellular Energy Support

  • SUPER MALE H2 helps supercharge your day by ensuring your Mitochondria are functioning at a high level, supporting ATP generation for energy at the cellular level.