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SST Creamer

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PERFORMIX® SST Energy Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla - Increased Energy, Focus and Boosted Metabolism - Naturally Flavored with MCT Oil and Caffeine - Sustained Energy without the Crash

  • SST Energy Creamer: Regular coffee just doesn’t cut it. SST Energy Creamer powers your daily coffee to provide increased Energy, focus, and metabolism benefits to optimize your mind & body. Powered by Caffeine, goMCT & goCOCOA with a delicious French Vanilla flavor, SST Energy Creamer is a smooth and creamy way to make every cup of coffee, and morning better. 30 servings per container.
  • Powered by goCOCOA, goMCT & Caffeine: goCOCOA is a low-carb, high-fat cocoa butter powder that provides rich texture without the carbs associated with cocoa powder. goMCT optimizes ketone production and fuels the body with healthy fats for sustained Energy without the crash. It also contains acacia fiber, a prebiotic that aids in gut health. Together, MCT and acacia fiber help optimize the gut-brain axis. goMCT contains pure C8 and C10 MCT's, the most effective in converting to ketones.
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured in an FDA registered facility where all Performix products are produced in facilities using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and pass rigorous testing.
  • SST Energy Pioneers: PERFORMIX has been an Energy pioneer since 2015. First formulated for elite trainers and the fitness community, PERFORMIX proprietary technologies offer superior delivery of high-quality branded ingredients, so that Performance, weight management, and Energy benefits can be relayed without problematic side effects like Energy crash or stomach discomfort. PERFORMIX develops everyday high-performing products for high-performing people.

Each scoop is powered by 40mg caffeine, MCT Oil, goMCT® (medium chain triglycerides), goCocao® (cocoa butter powder), and coconut oil.

Mix 1 - 2 scoops in your morning coffee or protein smoothie for an extra boost of energy and metabolism kick. Do not exceed 2 scoops per day or within 6 hours of your bedtime.

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In addition to caffeine providing mental alertness and focus, caffeine is a potent thermogenic, meaning it is a molecule that may stimulate the process of thermogenesis in the body.  As such, caffeine may help our body to metabolize and burn fat.

goMCT® (MCT or medium chain triglycerides)

optimizes ketone production, a less oxidative energy source. It fuels the body with healthy fats for natural and sustained energy without the "crash" later. It also contains acacia fiber, a prebiotic that aids in gut health. Together, MCT and acacia fiber help optimize the gut-brain axis.

goCocao® (cocoa butter powder)

a proprietary, low-carb and high-fat cocoa butter powder that adds both a chocolate flavor and a creamy texture to supplements and functional foods, but with no net carbs. It’s naturally derived from the cocoa bean.

coconut oil

rich in saturated fats, particularly MCTs. MCTs are metabolized differently in the body compared to long-chain triglycerides, and some studies suggest they might be easier to convert into energy and less likely to be stored as fat.

why would i take this?

SST Energy Creamer benefits:

Increase energy & focus: MCTs are rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the liver, where they can be converted into ketones, which are an alternative energy source to glucose. Unlike other types of fats that require longer digestion and processing, MCTs provide a quick and readily available source of energy. Pair that with caffeine and you’ve got a dynamic energy and focus duo. 

Weight loss enhancing: Studies suggest that MCTs might have an impact on appetite regulation. They may help you feel more satiated and less hungry, leading to a reduction in overall calorie intake. MCTs are also known to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Taste buds satisfied: Mix SST Energy Creamer in your morning coffee or protein smoothie for a delicious, french-vanilla flavor.



Love it. I’ve been on it for 3 days now and I feel a total difference!! I’m more focused and energetic..

Los Angeles, CA

Works great! Decreases appetite and gives u lots of energy!

Los Angeles, CA

Why V3X? Because it’s freaking amazing!!!

Los Angeles, CA

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