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SST Energy Seltzer 12Pk

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  • Blueberry Acai
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mango
  • 12 Cans / 1 Pack
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The world’s first energy, metabolism, and focus-boosting seltzer is here — with 300MG of Caffeine to provide immediate energy. There’s no crash, no sugar, no calories, and no heavy, sugary taste like other energy drinks. Just maximum energy with a light, refreshing taste.

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A Serious Energy Drink Without The Sugar

  • It’s Like Sipping Your Favorite Sparkling Water Except It’s Packed With 300 Mg Of Caffeine & 500 Mg Of Taurine So You’ll Be Dialed In And Ready To Crush Your Day.

Light, Crisp, Sparkling Taste

  • Other Energy Drinks Can Be Overwhelming With Their Super Sweet, Sugary Flavors. Sst Energy Seltzers Are Purposely Lightly Flavored, So You Can Enjoy Each Refreshing Sip At Any Time Of Day.

Mind, Body, Energy In Every Sip

  • Other Seltzers - Taste Good.

  • Our Seltzers- They Taste Good, Dial You In And Boost Your Metabolism.

  • A Potent Blend Of Lion’s Mane, Huperzine A And L-theanine Boost Your Mind To Ensure You Will Be Dialed In And Focused. The Inclusion Of Taurine & L-carnitine Support Proper Fat Burning And A Healthy Metabolism.

SST wasn’t created for those with a 9-5, it’s for those with a 24/7