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Performix Workout is a cutting-edge virtual training app for fitness programs that transform your body and your mind.

The Premiere Program: Lean Dog Mean Dog

Led by Men’s Health Trainer of the Year and Performix Athlete, Andy Speer, this program will help you build muscle and shred fat using specific targeted techniques including: Energy System Splits, Density Training and Intensity Sets. You will be challenged to complete 30-45 minute workouts, 5 days per week, no excuses. The focus will be razor sharp, so no time will be wasted. You will be challenged to keep up the pace, but Andy will be hitting you with motivation as you push through. Lean Dog, Mean Dog is designed to take you to the edge of your comfort zone, the moment where you can choose to quit or dig down deep. Andy’s mission is to push you through those plateaus and help you redefine what you thought you were capable of.